Welcome to the web site of the United Brethren of Hebron Synagogue. We are a warm and welcoming Jewish community located in scenic Eastern Connecticut. Our temple, built in the early 1940's, is a wonderful example of rural synagogue architecture, with Art Deco design elements and many other unique features. We are a diverse group: singles, seniors and families, interfaith families and couples, Jews of choice, and Jews who come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from reform to conservative to orthodox. Our members include those who are just learning Jewish practices as well as those who are long-time participants in Jewish traditions and culture. United Brethren offers a spiritual home, a place to explore your Jewish identity in a friendly and caring atmosphere. We have a lot to offer, and look forward to meeting new and prospective members.

United Brethren is located at 10 Church St. (Route 85), near the junction of Routes 85 and 66, Hebron, Connecticut.

An excellent example of a small, rural synagogue with unique architectural details, United Brethren was photographed and is featured on the Synagogues 360 web site. To see these beautiful photographs, including a panoramic view of the temple's sanctuary, go to the synagogue search tab of the web site and search for United Brethren.

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